One-stop service from design to material procurement, development,
inspection, on-site examination, and operational support

 We have developed an impressive number of robots and devices, ranging from research applications to those intended for practical use.
 We have in-house engineers in mechanics, software, electronics, AI, XR, image processing, Web, IoT, and 3D data, enabling us to provide you with one-stop services.
 We can also suggest feasible approaches even for projects where specific realization procedures are unclear.
 Why don't YOU join us to co-develop de facto solutions to solve challenges in your industry?

Development Flow


Specification study & Design


Component Procurement


Development & Assembly




On-site examination





Robot Development

We cover a wide range of robot development needs,
from mechanics to software to electronics.

 Robot elements are roughly composed of mechanics, software, and electronics, and the optimal system depends each time on the intended use.Various patterns of mechanical, network, and software structures are available.By combining them, we can meet a wide range of your needs.

Robot x Technology

One-stop development
provided by a group of highly skilled engineers

 One-stop development is available with our professional team of engineers having diverse skills in mechanics, software, electronics, AI, XR, image processing, web, IoT, 3D data, etc. We provide prompt and high-quality systems by fully utilizing our own product development and accumulated experience in joint development.