Launched an Exclusive Website for i-Con Walker® Autonomous Mobile Robot System Linking BIM and Real Space in Both Directions


iXs Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs: Fuminori Yamasaki and Takashi Karino; “iXs”) is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive website for i-Con Walker®, an autonomous mobile robot system that bi-directionally links BIM and real space.

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■ Features of i-Con Walker®:
 i-Con Walker® is a system that utilizes robot technology for real-time, bidirectional linkage between BIM* (cyberspace) and real space. With the mandatory application of BIM in principle for public construction projects starting in April 2023, BIM has begun to be utilized at the time of design and construction. By adding i-Con Walker® functionality onto an autonomous mobile robot, the BIM can be used as a map for the robot to move around. The destination of the robot can also be an element inside the BIM. i-Con Walker® automatically updates BIM by feeding back various data acquired by the robot to the attribute information of elements in real time. This process will realize the digital twin* of BIM. The real-time update of BIM is expected to be applied to completion inspections and maintenance management in the future, contributing to labor savings and operational improvements.

■ System Outline of i-Con Walker®

  • Action plans for the autonomous mobile robot are set up by continuously designating waypoints linked to elements on BIM.
  • The autonomous mobile robot utilizes LiDAR-based self-positioning technology to autonomously move among waypoints while avoiding obstacles.
  • The autonomous mobile robot performs designated tasks (photography, material transfer, construction, 3D measurement of completed workpieces, etc.).
  • The results are reflected in the attribute data IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) of the elements.
  • The repetition of this process updates BIM data in real time as a series of tasks are performed.
  • Real-time observation of on-site conditions is possible on BIM from remote locations.

■ iXs’ Areas of Focus
iXs aims to promote digital transformation* for social and industrial infrastructures in the face of environmental changes, such as aging human resources and facilities, as well as the urgent need to protect the natural environment. We provide a variety of services as 3D-linked solutions to realize our concept “Any Site within Reach'”. We will continue to further accelerate our initiatives for implementing services that link our strengths in robots, AI, and 3D-linked solutions to improve productivity, quality, and safety onsite.

3-D linked solutions iXs delivers to the infrastructure industry.

※ BIM:Building Information Modeling This is an initiative to enhance the efficiency and sophistication of a series of construction production and management systems.計By introducing 3D models from the planning, survey, and design phases, the 3D models can be linked and developed in the subsequent construction and maintenance phases, facilitating information sharing among those involved in the entire project.

※ Digital Twin: Technology that enables simulation and forecasting by copying real space into cyberspace

※ Digital Transformation:It refers to bringing about a value revolution in lifestyles and business styles by overturning existing business frameworks for the better through the utilization of digital technologies. In the construction field, too, productivity, quality, and safety improvements are expected through the application of digital technologies such as robots, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and BIM.

※ 3D Point Cloud:Technology to acquire 3D point cloud data by using a 3D scanner, etc.

※ XR: Cross-reality, Collective term for VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality)

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