Board of Directors and Managers


Co-CEO and CTO

Fuminori Yamasaki

June 1998
Founded iXs while still a student.
Technical Staff, ERATO Kitano Symbiosis System Project, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
Developed humanoid robot "PINO".
Vice President, certified NPO Robotic Increase Center
September 2018-
iXs Representative Director Co-CEO and CTO ( Partner )

 I am Fuminori Yamasaki, Co-CEO and CTO of iXs Co., Ltd.
 Since our company foundation, we have been working together with our customers to enhance our " insight" into the essence of on-site needs and our " expertise" in solving on-site issues so that our robots can be "usable" and "continue to be usable".
 Japan faces numerous challenges, including deteriorating social and industrial infrastructure, shrinking and aging populations, a decline of the number of experienced and skilled engineers/workers, and cost reductions in global society, etc.
 To solve these social problems, we provide products and services that integrate robotics, AI, XR, and 3D technologies. What we strive for is the realization of the on-site Digital Twin.
 Accordingly, we appointed Mr. Karino as a new Co-CEO so as to widely promote our technology.
 We decided to make a fresh start as a business company that solves inherent problems in every single industry from a tech group company mainly engaged in contracted development.
 Going forward, with our digital twin technology at the core, we intend to pursue digital twin businesses for urban areas as well as for infrastructure.
 We would also like to globally expand new businesses born in Japan, a developed nation struggling with so many emerging challenges.


Takashi Karino

Joined Japan Airlines. After working in the International Passenger Division, moved to the Finance & Accounting Division.
Joined Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan(ETIC). In charge of corporate restructuring of government-affiliated revitalization funds.
Managing Director, engaged in corporate revitalization for Senoh Corporation and Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc.
Joined CTS Corporation.
Senior Managing Director and CFO (in charge of Strategy , Corporate Planning and Corporate Management ).
Led the company to become a ICT company for construction companys.
Contributed to the company's listing with the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc(TSE).
Selected as one of the 50 companies in the TSE Corporate Value Improvement Award.
September 2018⁻
Joined iXs as Representative Director Co-CEO ( Partner )

 I am Takashi Karino, Representative Director and Co-CEO of iXs.
 Thankfully, the companies I have been involved with so far are the ones of high social significance to Japan, and I have dedicated myself to improving their corporate value, believing that this must lead to a contribution to society.
 Through these experiences, and after becoming a parent myself, I came to have an intense urge for solving social problems so that we could pass on a better society to the next generation. It was during that time that I met Mr. Yamasaki, one of the top robot engineers in Japan.To realize my aspiration to solve social problems and our mission, I decided to join him as Co-CEO of iXs.
 iXs is committed to being " a company with robots and acquired data analysis for social and industrial infrastructure" based on the robot technology we have cultivated together with our customers to solve problems on-site. We are steadily growing by adding new members to our team. All of us at iXs endeavor to solve social issues that infrastructure faces, such as aging infrastructure and a decline of skilled workers. We also strive to realize our mission "Protecting society with robots & technology".

CAO & Corporate Div. Director

Hiroki Nakayama

■Joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Corporation after working for some business companies.
・Manager, engaged in tax advisory & consultation related to mergers and acquisitions/corporate reorganization for listed companies.
・Tax adviser, gained experience in IPO support.
■May 2019
Joined iXs when the company transitioned to a new business structure.
・Head of Corporate Division.
・In charge of building the business management system and dealing with accounting audit firms.
・Tax attorney.

Independent Director

Takafumi Oka

■Fujitsu Ltd. and Compaq Computer Corporation
■Hewlett Packard Japan, G.K.
・Personal Systems Business Manager
・President and CEO.
・Chairman of the Board and Representative Director
・Led the company's rapid growth by leveraging extensive management experience and IT expertise until retirement in 2022.
・iXs Outside Director

Corporate Auditor

Riichiro Isobata

■Joined Nishikata Audit Corporation (now Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC) after working for some business companies.
・Extensive experience with IPO support services
・Accounting audits for large and small companies
■Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.
・Nagano office Head
・Assistant to the head of the Risk Management Office, Quality Control Division.
・iXs Full-time Corporate Auditor
・Certified public accountant

Independent Corporate Auditor

Shigeya Furuhata

■Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
・Branch manager
・Group manager
■Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
・Consistently in charge of new business development, M&A target search, DD, and PMI.
・2009-Managing Director and Business Development Department manager
・2012-Senior Managing Director and General Manager of International
■Division,focusing on the company's international business development
・Audit & Supervisory Board Member(Full-time)
iXs Outside Corporate Auditor

Independent Corporate Auditor

Kanae Fukushima

・For about 18 years, worked at District Courts, High Courts, and Family Courts, handling a wide range of Civil, Criminal, and Administrative cases.
・Joined the law firm: Utsunomiya, Shimizu & Haruki and became a partner
・Extensive legal knowledge and experience gained from involvement in numerous lawsuits
・iXs Outside Corporate Auditor

Business Development Div.

Hidekazu Morihiro

■Majored in civil engineering at university.
■Worked for a NTT group subsidiary, IT venture companies, major system integrators.
・Was engaged in new business development including AI, image processing, robotics, etc.
・Led many projects to success.
■Joined iXs
・Since joining iXs, has been promoting DX business by utilizing technology in the construction field and social/industrial infrastructure industry.

Development Team

Ren Nakayama

■Worked for 2 venture companies
■More than 15 years of experience in embedded device development.
■Joined iXs
・Since joining iXs, has led the development of platforming electronics/ middleware and of highly reliable systems in parallel with R&D duties (contracted and joint development projects).
・Has promoted development projects towards industry de facto solutions with major enterprises.

ICT×3D Div.

Ryo Ogasawara

■More than 15 years of experience in a survey design company.
■Joined a construction ICT companies and a companies specializing in 3D data
・Expert in 3D data creation related to i-Construction
■Joined iXs
・Since joining iXs, has been building a team structure and promoting the linkage of BIM data with robotics and AI/XR technologies.

Business Development Div.
Development Sales Team
Senior Manager

Hiroyuki Komuro<

■Joined a major electronics manufacturer
・Sales and business planning for IoT products,
・Launched multiple new businesses
・In charge of corporate sales
・General manager of corporate sales department
■Joined iXs
・In charge of proposal sales including joint development with major companies in the infrastructure industry.
・Leads Development sales team to promote de facto solutions in the industry.

Recurring Products Div.

Kenichi Hashimoto

■Joined a major electronics manufacturer.
・Engaged in the development of financial terminal device OS and computer related products.
■Worked as multiple venture companies.
・Involved in the development of electronic circuits centered on FPGAs and the development of robot hands.
■Joined iXs
・Specializes in commercializing products through product planning and R&D based on on-site needs.
・Promoting technological development of recurring products for the infrastructure field.

Recurring Products Div.
Recurring Products Development Team
Senior Manager

Takaaki Ishizuka

■Network Infrastructure Engineer at a major system integrator
■Launched new businesses at a ventture company
・Engaged in many new business launches and contributed to their growth as well as the growth of the company
■Joined iXs
・Has been promoting AI-related solutions into the infrastructure industry.
・Works with a commitment to stable system operation and profitability of services.

Development Team

Shotaro Abe

■Has been involved in robot-related projects since university days
■Joined iXs after completing graduate school
・Responsible for on-site operational support in parallel with R&D projects (contracted and joint development projects)
・Engaged in many development projects designed for onsite utilization
・Product Team Leader
As the head of the team, promotes social implementation of joint development projects.

ICT×3D Div.
Senior Manager

Atushi Sawaguchi

■Joined a surveying company.
・Engaged in 3D measurement and data creation for roads, erosion control, etc.
■Joined a road company.
・Gained experience in 3D surveying and 3D design for ICT pavement repair work.
■Joined iXs
・Concurrently held a sales position and a 3D-related technical position. Promote ICT, i-Construction, BIM/CIM projects.

ICT×3D Div.
3D-Survey Team

Yasushi Matsuda

■Joined a construction consulting company.
・Engaged in survey and design duties for social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and rivers.
■Joined a company specializing in 3D construction surveys.
・Expert in 3D data acquisition and processing operations, mainly related to ICT/i-Construction, etc.
■Joined iXs
・Leads on-site survey team for 3D data acquisition linked with robots and AI/XR.

Corporate Div.
Information Technology Team

Kazuya Yamazaki

■Joined systems department at a financial institution.
■Launched his own AI venture; won awards at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) Entrepreneur Expo, etc.
■Joined iXs when the company transitioned to a new business structure.
・In charge of data services
・Engaged in multiple AI-related national projects and consortiums for infrastructure.
・Head of IT team
・Promotes stable system operation, system integration, and internal DX.