Selected as a Regular Member of Japan Deep Learning Association


iXs Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs: Fuminori Yamasaki and Takashi Karino; “iXs”) is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a regular member of Japan Deep Learning Association (“JDLA”) as of June 2, 2020.

JDLA was established in June 2017 with the aim of boosting Japan’s industrial competitiveness through technologies centered on deep learning. Led by companies and experts with deep learning at the core of their business, JDLA takes pioneering initiatives to enhance Japan’s industrial competitiveness through deep learning technology, including promotion of industrial applications, fostering of human resources, and providing suggestions to public organizations and industries.
We are the 29th company to have been selected as a JDLA regular member. This is the first time ever that a “robot x AI” and “infrastructure-specific company” has been selected.

We are committed to contributing to solving social issues that infrastructure faces, such as aging infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, and a decline in the number of skilled operators, by utilizing robots and deep learning technology for AI analysis of acquired data and big data analysis, under our mission of “Protecting Society with Robots x Technology”.

To learn more about JDLA, please refer to the following links.