Selected for STARTUP PITCH #3 by JR East Startup.
~Contribution to DX in the railroad sector~


iXs Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs: Fuminori Yamasaki and Takashi Karino; “iXs”) is pleased to announce that its application to STARTUP PITCH #3 called for by JR East startup Co., Ltd (President & CEO: Yutaka Shibata, “JR East Startup”) has been accepted.

iXs submitted ideas and technology that would lead to solving the issues presented by the East Japan Railway Company Group, and the proposals were selected. Going forward, we plan to conduct verification experiments, etc. as part of the startup programs organized by JR East Startup as well as under schemes for technology development, etc. with the East Japan Railway Group.

Announcement Page for the Selection Result on JR East Startups Website

 iXs has been working to promote the digital transformation*1 for social and industrial infrastructure, including railroads, in response to the environmental changes such as the aging of human resources/facilities, and to the urgent need to tackle the spread of infectious diseases.
 To realize digital transformation, iXs has developed “i-Con Walker “*2, technology that seamlessly and bidirectionally links cyberspace and real space by utilizing BIM*3 and robots, etc. By reflecting various information in real space to BIM attribute information in real time, digital twin*4 is made possible.
 The solutions developed and verified through this STARTUP PITCH project are to be expanded into the East Japan Railway Group and other relevant industries. We shall pursue digital transformation in every phase of survey/design, construction, and maintenance management. iXs continues to play a key role in solving social issues that infrastructure is facing.

*1 Innovative technology to improve people’s lives by popularizing digital technology in society
*2 The robot system developed by iXs, in which the robot moves in real space based on BIM attribute information and reflects the acquired information into attribute information.
*3 BIM: Building Information Modeling
*4 Technology allowing simulation forecasting, etc. by copying real space into cyberspace