Capital Increase through Third-Party Share Allocation Totaling JPY 1 Billion in Series B Extension Round
~Accelerating the business partnerships with operating companies~


 iXs Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs: Fuminori Yamasaki and Takashi Karino; “iXs”) has raised capital through a third-party share allocation with the aim of accelerating business partnerships with major operating companies representing the social and industrial infrastructure fields.

 The total amount of this round is JPY 1 billion, with investments from ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC., SBI 4&5 Investment LPS and SBIⅡ4&5 Investment LPS, and Sony Innovation Fund. (The amount invested by each company is undisclosed.)

 With this investment, iXs will accelerate the following business partnerships.

・ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC. Business alliance with ENEOS Corporation for the purpose of maintenance, management, operation, etc. at facilities for oil, coal, chemical, gas, etc.

・SBI 4&5 Investment LPS and SBIⅡ4&5 Investment LPS Business alliance with a wide variety of operating companies having connections with SBI Investment Co., Ltd.

・Sony Innovation Fund Sony Group Corporation has already invested in iXs under Series A, with this additional investment accelerating further business alliance.

■Comments from each company
・Mr. Yasunori Yazaki ENEOS Innovation Partners LLC. President  
iXs is a leading venture with high technology that can provide various solutions for oil, coal, chemical, and gas plants as well as electric power facilities based on its many years of experience and expertise in the social and industrial infrastructure industry. Our group company, ENEOS Corporation, and iXs have already begun joint development of robotics-based plant maintenance and inspection technology.Through this capital alliance, we hope to further accelerate our joint development and expand our business ties in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen, both of which we as a group will be particularly focusing on in the future. We look forward to strengthening our relationship as partners in creating new value together.
・Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao SBI Investment Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO  
 iXs is the one and only venture in Japan that aims to become No.1 in the digital twin domain through “Robot x AI/XR x 3D data linkage” applying its long-standing expertise and advanced technology both with hardware/software in the social and industrial infrastructure field. The solutions provided by iXs are applicable to a wide range of industries, including, of course, public works, where the use of 3D data is to be implemented in principle in 2023. iXs has already conducted joint development projects with various major companies and is enjoying its significant growth. We expect that iXs will make giant leaps forward in the smart city concept and become a mega venture.
・Mr. Gen Tsuchikawa Sony Ventures Corporation CEO  
 iXs has been steadily expanding its business to contribute to the digital transformation in social and industrial infrastructure with its outstanding technology consisting of “Robot x AI/XR x 3D data linkage”. Sony R&D Center and iXs have started joint development on robot application in the construction field, making our collaboration in the practical operation even deeper. iXs has a high level of ESG awareness, and with this additional investment, we look forward to their long-term corporate growth.

■iXs’ key areas of focus
 iXs endeavors to promote digital transformation* utilizing robots, AI/XR systems, and 3D technology for social and industrial infrastructure to address the urgent issues such as environmental changes including the aging of human resources/ facilities, as well as the spread of infectious diseases. Through this investment, we aim to promote digital transformation by accelerating business partnerships with major operating companies that represent the social and industrial infrastructure field. iXs continues to develop various services as 3D-linked solutions to realize the concept, “Any site within reach”. We are committed to realizing the digital twin* in social and industrial infrastructure by working with each of the major operating companies.

3D-linked solutions iXs delivers to the infrastructure industry.

※ Digital Transformation: The process of creating a paradigm shift in lifestyles and business styles by overturning existing business frameworks and transforming them into something better through the application of digital technology. In the construction field, it is expected that the utilization of digital technology such as robots, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and BIM shall improve productivity, quality, and safety.
※ BIM: Building Information Modeling This is an initiative to enhance the efficiency and sophistication of a series of construction production and management systems. By introducing 3D models from the planning, survey, and design phases, the 3D models are then linked and developed in the subsequent construction and maintenance processes, facilitating the information sharing among those involved in the entire project.
※ Digital Twin: Technology allowing simulation and forecasting by copying real space into cyberspace.
※ 3D Point Cloud: Technology to acquire 3D point cloud data with a 3D scanner, etc.
※ XR: Cross reality, collective term for VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality)

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