As a group of people who share the same mission, vision, and values, we are fully committed to contributing to making society thrive.。


Protecting society with robots & technology


● Robots that are usable and continue to be usable
● Robots for social and industrial infrastructure
● Input devices

AI analysis & XR services

● Services linked to robots, etc.
● AI analysis, XR, point cloud・image processing, voice & vibration analysis, big data analysis, etc.


3D Data Linkage

● Society ≒ Social and Industrial Infrastructure
● 3D・BIM data linkage
● Optimizing new construction, inspection, maintenance management


Solving social challenges of infrastructure with the power of robotics × technology

Social Challenges

Boost from government policy.


Providing maximum added value with our dynamic and highly determined team.

Fulfilling Customer Expectations

・Commitment to speed, solving customers' problems
・Professionalism, including research and study for solving those problems.

Dynamic and powerful team of individuals with distinctive talents x distinctive talents

Our organization is formed by people with unique and outstanding abilities and skills. We learn from one another and work hard together.

To make society a better place

Aspiration for achieving our mission,
Insatiable inquisitiveness for technology,
Integrity and sincerity