Protecting society with
robots & technology

We ensure the safety and security of our daily lives with the power of technology, particularly in the areas of social and industrial infrastructure. With our expertise in robots x AI, XR, and 3D data technology, iXs brings you products and services feasible only with us.

Social Infrastructure

We provide solutions for social infrastructure that forms the foundation of our lives, including roads, tunnels, bridges, railroads, power, rivers, and ports.

Industrial Infrastructure

We provide solutions for industrial infrastructure that forms the foundation of industries, including factories and plants, construction sites, logistics facilities, agriculture, and forestry.


■ Robots "usable" and " continuously usable" in the field
■ More than 20-year history in robot development with extensive achievements
■ Unparalleled development speed with modularization


■ Specialized AI Solutions for Infrastructure
■ Won Award for Excellence in Deep Learning Business Awards 2020
■ XR × BIM Solutions (utilization of BIM data)


■ Extensive experience in data creation for the infrastructure industry
■ Systems to respond to the principle that 3D must be applied to public public works/projects starting in FY2023.
■ 3D × Technology (BIM-linked automatic patrol and remote construction)


■ Industry insights and expertise on social and industrial infrastructure
■ Solutions provided for practical use at actual sites
■ Innovation by merging experienced industry professionals with engineers having expertise in cutting-edge technologies