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Dancing! Wabot

Let the robot dance traditional Japanese dance!

This is an unique collaboration with NPO "Wa Method" and iXs Research Corp. "Wabot" that does Japanese traditional dance was achieved by uniting the Japanese tradition culture and the contemporary science. Under the collaboration with Mr. Chie Hayashi, Japanese traditional master dancer, Mr. Jyuro Roshitake, Kyogen master dancer, Mis. Etsuko Yamashita and Kimono researcher, who aims to the spread of Japanese traditional dances, such as "Nou", "Kyogen", "Kabuki" and "Buyou", the humanoid robot challenged Wabisabi spirit of Japan. From the nursery rhyme, to standard "Sanbansou" of the kabuki, Wearing a special kimono, and dancing by a humorous expression, it causes tasting that not is before.

Preeminent ability to pull in more customers!

Selecting the musics matched to the visitors in advance, the Robot dances suiting to the musics regularly. Moreover, doing Dancing Robot Game that iXs Research provides at the same time, the effect is doubling.

"Dancing Wabot!" is now on sale

Please contact to NPO "Wa Method" for more details.